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Blog post written by Casey, Isabella and Thomas

We went to Caroline Chisholm School and played games against Hunsbury Park, Delapre, Hopping Hill and Caroline Chisholm. This wasn’t our best performance but we learnt a lot and improved as a team. We have a few things to work on:  our 6 tag turnover, which can be improved by passing quickly,  working as a team and we need to practise catching so that we don’t knock on the ball.

David and Thomas scored tries, they were fast at dodging their way through the opposing team.

Jacob is a great team player, he always passes and communicates well.

We came third in the tournament. Have a look at the scores of the NTSSF site. http://northamptonsportsfed.co.uk/

Tag Rugby Success

Results reported by Oliver, year 6.

8:8 draw against Delapre

11:10 win against Millway

6:5 win against Hunsbury Park

Unbeaten and through to the next round.; the team will be competeing again on the 14th of April. Well done team – Mr Prosser is very proud.


Stylish SdS Side-Step Their Way To ANOTHER Trophy!

The Year 5/6 tag-rugby team brought a 3rd trophy of the year back to Hilldrop Road as they won the Northampton School Sports Partnership Trophy with great style and finesse.

On the back of the footballing successes of the football teams, our terrific tag-rugby team blasted their way to victory at The Duston School.

The culmination of 3 years work and planning by the PE faculty came to the fore as our boys and girls played flowing rugby, filled with pace and power. Extremely well drilled by Mr Prosser and MIss Bland, they were running into passes, crossing over, covering the ball and defending with fierce tenacity. The opposition simply couldn’t live with them.

After breezing through the group stage, Simon de Senlis won their semi-final in extra-time against a side who hadn’t conceded a try…until they encountered our team of phenoms.

A comfortable victory in the final, avenging our defeat last year, saw our team truly get what they deserved. They were the best team by a mile…if you ever get a chance to watch them, watch them! They are AMAZING!

Well done children, your school is EXTREMELY proud of you…thank you.

Vive Les Fleurs!