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Year 5 and 6 Inter House PE

At the end of every term, years 5 and 6 have an afternoon of inter house PE. Using the skills perfected during their PE lessons, the Dragons, Knights Wizards and Unicorns compete in their house teams.

Term one:  tag rugby skills and personal cog.

The Unicorns were victorious.

image   image

Term two:  football skills and social cog.

image  image


Wizards 15
Dragons 15
Knights 20
Unicorns 21


image  Victorious Unicorns, again!

Special mentions

Unicorns support for each other.
Great attempt on goal – Ronan.
Great organisation by the sports captains.
Good defending by Jacob.
Sportsmanship –  Isobel And Owen.
Great effort  – Jack M
Coaching- Will K
Great goal  – David S (year 5)
Lottie – being brilliant,
Green dragons- great encouragement of EVERYONE
Fairness  and outstanding attitude to others – Buddy


Inter-House High Five Netball

The results of the year 5 and 6 inter-house, high five netball tournament are in.

Last term,  both year groups learnt the rules,  developed their skills and then enjoyed an afternoon, at Goals, competing in their house teams.  Miss Bland was impressed with the display of throwing and catching skills and there were some great examples of praise, encouragement and team work on every pitch.