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Y5 Archery

Some of the children in year 5 were lucky enough to go, with Mrs Deboard, to Northampton Academy for a taster session of archery. First they practised their accuracy; they had to shoot at the ceiling and land an arrow into a hoop on the floor. Then they did target practice and practised their aim by shooting at colours. All of this was to improve their skills before a competition.  As the competition moved on, Zaibaa got her score up to 40 points and Eleanor scored 27 points. The overall score for Simon de Senlis was 143 points.

Zaibaa said,  ‘it was a great experience and I would recommend it.’

Eleanor said, ‘you don’t actually need to be good at it because you practise and I was confident by the end of the session.’

Everyone wants to go again.

Written by Jack and Ben (sports captains) who interviewed Zaibaa and Eleanor.

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