How to get your Blue Peter Sport badge.

A Blue Peter badge is a special award given to Blue Peter viewers and fans. Badge owners can gain free entry into over 200 Blue Peter Badge attractions  around the country, like theme parks, zoos and castles. You can achieve your sport badge by introducing a friend to a sport (from the Blue Peter list), taking a picture and filling in the application form.  Let us know if you manage to earn one, by posting a comment and or photo, here on the blog.

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KS1 Sports Day

After several rain offs, we finally got to hold the KS1 sports day. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t on our side for long, but determined to show off the skills they have worked on over the past few weeks, the young Knights, Dragons, Unicorns and Wizards battled against the elements. Thank you to all the parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and carers who managed to come and support the children. Also,  a huge thank you to the year 5 children for  working on the activities, setting them up, running them and putting them all away – twice in the rain!
Have a look at the photos that Emily and Sophie (year 6) have taken.

Game Change Leaders

Game Change Leaders

Twelve year six pupils are taking  part in a new transition initiative being run by Abbeyfield School. Yesterday was the first session – Sarah and Aleigha have commented on their experience.

Game Changers is a fun and exciting club. Personally, I (Sarah) found it interesting; most of the games were ice-breakers. There was a lady from Northampton University jotting and watching our session. This was a good opportunity for us to make a bond with other students transferring to Abbeyfield. What we found interesting during the session: the games (the wonder), the talks about how failure is okay for you and getting to know others. We are only on week 1 and we  feel this will help our transition to secondary school. We also learnt that we can make mistakes and learn from them-which was amazing, because everyone makes mistakes all of the time! Overall, we found this an amazing experience and cannot wait for next week.

By Sarah and Aleigha


Last Wednesday, Simon de Senlis cricket team took part in a tournament with eight other schools. We played a game against Boothville – which was a very close game- but unfortunately we lost. However, we won against Thorplands and by a lot of runs.

After that we had to play Lings and Briar Hill. Fortunately we beat them both, which led to us being 4th in the whole tournament. The games that we played were extremely close, even though one of the Briar Hill players bowled and hit one of our batters on the head.

We played with determination and reassured each other that we could succeed. Although we beat: Lings, Thorplands and Briar Hill, we still congratulated the other teams. On Friday, Mr Prosser ( the teacher that took us to the tournament) gave the team a special mention in celebration assembly.

Written by Myles and Ryan

Sports Day – KS2

The sun, sporting  activities and competitive house teams – what more do you need for a perfect Sports Day?  Maybe a few competitive teachers and parents too!

Key stage two have been enjoying learning and practising new skills in PE lessons and today they were able to show them off. Determination was evident throughout and excellent sportsmanship as they cheered on their friends.  We had a fabulous audience of parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents and carers who offered lots of encouragement and joined in the chants of: Bue Knights, Green  Dragons, Red Unicorns and Yellow Wizards. The Dragons were the triumphant victors this year.
Emily (year 6) took a few photos and we have some footage of the male teacher race – who won?

Football Glory

Turning up, raring to go, we got out of the mini bus and started warming up for our first game.. We played our first game against St.Mary; we scored in the last 3 minutes and then twice again in the last minute. Feeling confidant, we got ready to play Lings ‘A’ team in the second game. We were obviously going to win!! Coming scarily close to the end of the match, it was still 0-0. The whistle blew and the final score was a draw. Coming closer to the deciding semi-final, we had to sit in a line and find out the next fixtures. Hearing we were playing Lings again, it made us even more excited and we  wanted to beat them. The last minute came, and Kieran hit the ball with so much power that the keeper didn’t even move. It was the last 10 seconds and we knew we had it. The whistle went and we had won! Cheering with joy, our whole team was ecstatic for the final. Boothvile, was our opponents in the final. Knowing they were going to be good, we kept our spirits high and fought to the end. When the final whistle blew we cheered and ran around. We then immedeantly wanted to lift the glory that we were determined to get. The time had come and Will  Stevenson lifted the Trophy.

Blog written by Kieran and Jake.


Inter-House High Five Netball

The results of the year 5 and 6 inter-house, high five netball tournament are in.

Last term,  both year groups learnt the rules,  developed their skills and then enjoyed an afternoon, at Goals, competing in their house teams.  Miss Bland was impressed with the display of throwing and catching skills and there were some great examples of praise, encouragement and team work on every pitch.



Tag Rugby Success

Results reported by Oliver, year 6.

8:8 draw against Delapre

11:10 win against Millway

6:5 win against Hunsbury Park

Unbeaten and through to the next round.; the team will be competeing again on the 14th of April. Well done team – Mr Prosser is very proud.


Annual Cross Country Championships at Abington Park


All wrapped up on a bitter cold March day.

Cross country is a tough sport that requires running strength and endurance. Even though the children were not fully prepared, they all had a positive mindset. They battled hard and were determined to complete it.

The distances that each year group were required to run were substantially lengthened compared to other years – they soon warmed up.  Excellent effort from everyone that took part and some amazing individual and team performances – every year group did great but only the year five boys amounted to a podium finish.

Year 5 boys – team winners

1st Millway

2nd Delapre

3rd Simon de Senlis

Mr Prosser encourages you all to continue because you all have the potential to do it again and even better.









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