Meet the girls’ football team.

This was their first match and for some their first experience of the game.  Although they did not manage to score any goals, they had some great attempts.

Olivia said that she managed to get past a few defenders and just missed scoring a goal – the ball hit the goal post.

Libby said that she had been successful tackling and had many shots at the goal.

As the match went on the girls gained lots of team knowledge and have looked at where they play best.

Mia is an excellent goalie because she uses her hands and the space well – Libby and Lara have good goalie potential too.

Issabella and Libby are good defenders.

Chloe has good marking skills and plays best upfront; she makes good use of her voice – communicating all the time.

Grace, Layla-May, Sofia and Lara have excellent passing skills and play well as midfielders.

Olivia played centre and got some valuable advice from Miss Bland – use a light tap to get the ball to your team, instead of kicking it hard out onto the pitch.

Jess will be joining the team and feels that midfielder will suit her best.

The girls reflected upon their first match, gave each other valuable feedback and are now determined to improve their game. They have arranged for some training, during lunchtimes, with Miss Bland and are hoping that an after school club will be available in the future – watch this space!








The school cricket teams have been working hard on their batting, bowling, throwing and catching skills . This term, they got to put on their whites and compete against other schools in the town.  Well done to all  that competed.


NTSSF Football Final

The year 5/6 football team journey, written by Tobie and Owen

First game against Hopping Hill was 2-0. Goal scorers: Archie and William with his header.

Second  game against Delapre was 6-0 and through to the quarter finals.

Third game against Boothville was 2-2 (SdS win on pens) and through to the semi finals.  Charlie made a great save.

Fourth game against East Hunsbury was 17-0.  Tintin said that this was an easy game.

Fifth game against Boothville was 5-0 and through to the final. Owen said that the team thought this was going to be a hard game but we came out with a big win.

Sixth Game against Hopping Hill was 4-0. Tobie said that the team thought it would be a hard game as it was tight last time, but we did it and we won the cup! David said that it was a challenge and a brilliant experience.

Lifting the cup was a fantastic feeling; we celebrated with Mr Wainwright at McDonalds and today, in celebration assembly, with the whole school.

An impressive performance and a lasting memory of football in primary school. Mr Wainwright is extremely proud of the best team in the town!

Click on the link to have a look at the NTSSF league table,






High Five Netball

Today, the  year 5/6 high five netball team competed in a tournament and here is what Miss Bland had to say…

In terrific heat the team valiantly did themselves proud with some exciting matches, sadly we didn’t win any games but always played with great sportsmanship and a smile.


KS2 Sports Day

It was a scorching hot day for our annual sports day, but armed with water bottles, hats and sunscreen the house teams took to the field  to compete in a range of sporting challenges. Despite the soaring temperature, the children demonstrated perseverance and continued to give 100% effort.

A massive thank you to everyone who came and supported the children – there was a wonderful atmosphere.  The winning house after some fierce competition, including the parents and staff races, was the Dragons – congratulations on retaining the trophy.

Take a look at these pictures, taken by Alex (year 6)


Active Kids Vouchers

You can no longer collect the vouchers in store, but you have until  June 30th to hand them in –  please post them in the box at reception. Thank you to everyone that has donated their vouchers so far. Every voucher counts towards brand new cooking and sports equipment,  so it pays to find them all.



This week,  everyone in year 6 took part in a series of fun and inspiring activities based around the fundamental principles of staying healthy;  moving well, sleeping well, eating well and drinking well.

Move well and sleep well – this activity required some acting skills, as the children role played a day of a healthy lifestyle.


Eat well and drink well – a day of healthy meals planned, with 6 to 8 cups of water included and – using our maths skills – the amount of sugar in drinks worked out.

image  image

Everyone was shocked at the amount of sugar milkshake contains.

1 cube of sugar contains 4g. A 1ltr bottle of milkshake contains a 100g of sugar – 25 cubes., so a 200ml glass of milkshake contains 20g of sugar – 5 cubes!


image image image

A few of us have now been inspired to make healthier choices!


Active Kids Vouchers 2017


We are collecting the Sainsbury’s Active Kids Vouchers, which are being given out in store until 2nd May 2017.. This is a great initiative and with your donated vouchers we can get a range of equipment: stopwatches, tennis balls, hurdles and so much more. Please post them into the box located at the school office and we will put them to good use.


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