David Rose Rugby Tournament

Twelve children were fortunate to take part in the David Rose rugby tournament at the Northampton Saints rugby ground.

The day included training sessions, a stadium tour and a tournament against six other schools.

The schools taking part were Queen Eleanor (QE), East Hunsbury (EH), Briar Hill (BH), Hunsbury Park (HP), The Abbey (TA), Delapre (D) and Simon De Senlis (SDS).

Each match was six minutes long are here are the results:

Match 1 – SDS  2 v QE 5

Match 2 – SDS 1 v  EH 5

Match 3 – SDS 3  v BH 2

Match 4 – SDS 4 v  HP 3

Match 5 – SDS 2  v TA  1

Match 6 – SDS 2 v  D  2

The children had a fantastic time, worked well as a team and won three matches. This year Queen Eleanor lifted the David Rose trophy.

We Won This Round!

The Magic Green Team won this round convincingly with 20 points.
SdS 4 v Rectory  Farm 1
SdS  4 v Ecton Brook 0
SdS 7 v Hunsbury Park 1
SdS 6 v St Peters 0

Excellent team work and great defence with spectacular shots at goal. They now progress to the next round – well  done.

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Blog post written by Casey, Isabella and Thomas

We went to Caroline Chisholm School and played games against Hunsbury Park, Delapre, Hopping Hill and Caroline Chisholm. This wasn’t our best performance but we learnt a lot and improved as a team. We have a few things to work on:  our 6 tag turnover, which can be improved by passing quickly,  working as a team and we need to practise catching so that we don’t knock on the ball.

David and Thomas scored tries, they were fast at dodging their way through the opposing team.

Jacob is a great team player, he always passes and communicates well.

We came third in the tournament. Have a look at the scores of the NTSSF site. http://northamptonsportsfed.co.uk/

Multi Skills Festival

A few children from year 3 and 4 attended a multi skills event at Benham Sports Centre. Sixteen other schools participated in sporting activities such as archery, golf, mini Olympics and curling.

Here are some quotes from the children:

“It got my heart beating quicker.”

“The activity I enjoyed the most was archery because I hit the target on my first attempt.”

“It was fun!”

“I felt proud to have taken part in this festival.”

This was a great opportunity to experience a range of sports and the children thoroughly enjoyed it.



Meet the girls’ football team.

This was their first match and for some their first experience of the game.  Although they did not manage to score any goals, they had some great attempts.

Olivia said that she managed to get past a few defenders and just missed scoring a goal – the ball hit the goal post.

Libby said that she had been successful tackling and had many shots at the goal.

As the match went on the girls gained lots of team knowledge and have looked at where they play best.

Mia is an excellent goalie because she uses her hands and the space well – Libby and Lara have good goalie potential too.

Issabella and Libby are good defenders.

Chloe has good marking skills and plays best upfront; she makes good use of her voice – communicating all the time.

Grace, Layla-May, Sofia and Lara have excellent passing skills and play well as midfielders.

Olivia played centre and got some valuable advice from Miss Bland – use a light tap to get the ball to your team, instead of kicking it hard out onto the pitch.

Jess will be joining the team and feels that midfielder will suit her best.

The girls reflected upon their first match, gave each other valuable feedback and are now determined to improve their game. They have arranged for some training, during lunchtimes, with Miss Bland and are hoping that an after school club will be available in the future – watch this space!