This week,  everyone in year 6 took part in a series of fun and inspiring activities based around the fundamental principles of staying healthy;  moving well, sleeping well, eating well and drinking well.

Move well and sleep well – this activity required some acting skills, as the children role played a day of a healthy lifestyle.


Eat well and drink well – a day of healthy meals planned, with 6 to 8 cups of water included and – using our maths skills – the amount of sugar in drinks worked out.

image  image

Everyone was shocked at the amount of sugar milkshake contains.

1 cube of sugar contains 4g. A 1ltr bottle of milkshake contains a 100g of sugar – 25 cubes., so a 200ml glass of milkshake contains 20g of sugar – 5 cubes!


image image image

A few of us have now been inspired to make healthier choices!


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