Active Kids Vouchers

You can no longer collect the vouchers in store, but you have until  June 30th to hand them in –  please post them in the box at reception. Thank you to everyone that has donated their vouchers so far. Every voucher counts towards brand new cooking and sports equipment,  so it pays to find them all.



This week,  everyone in year 6 took part in a series of fun and inspiring activities based around the fundamental principles of staying healthy;  moving well, sleeping well, eating well and drinking well.

Move well and sleep well – this activity required some acting skills, as the children role played a day of a healthy lifestyle.


Eat well and drink well – a day of healthy meals planned, with 6 to 8 cups of water included and – using our maths skills – the amount of sugar in drinks worked out.

image  image

Everyone was shocked at the amount of sugar milkshake contains.

1 cube of sugar contains 4g. A 1ltr bottle of milkshake contains a 100g of sugar – 25 cubes., so a 200ml glass of milkshake contains 20g of sugar – 5 cubes!


image image image

A few of us have now been inspired to make healthier choices!