Year 5 and 6 Inter House PE

At the end of every term, years 5 and 6 have an afternoon of inter house PE. Using the skills perfected during their PE lessons, the Dragons, Knights Wizards and Unicorns compete in their house teams.

Term one:  tag rugby skills and personal cog.

The Unicorns were victorious.

image   image

Term two:  football skills and social cog.

image  image


Wizards 15
Dragons 15
Knights 20
Unicorns 21


image  Victorious Unicorns, again!

Special mentions

Unicorns support for each other.
Great attempt on goal – Ronan.
Great organisation by the sports captains.
Good defending by Jacob.
Sportsmanship –  Isobel And Owen.
Great effort  – Jack M
Coaching- Will K
Great goal  – David S (year 5)
Lottie – being brilliant,
Green dragons- great encouragement of EVERYONE
Fairness  and outstanding attitude to others – Buddy


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