Sitting Volleyball

Here is our magnificent team who cheered at every point we won and smiled throughout the whole competition. In sitting Volleyball all the team of 6 players on the court must keep their bottom on the floor and keep the ball in the air, to score the ball needs to touch the floor in the opponents court. When points are scored the team rotates their position and the server plays the ball over the net. This was great fun and Alfie and Alexa kept a great defence with Thomas giving some nice smashes at the net. Samuel and Finley showed fantastic serving with Jessica and Mellisa keeping the team going strong with excited cheers. Well Done Wiggins? (Blog post written by Miss Bland)




One thought on “Sitting Volleyball”

  1. I am SO proud of all the children who took part. What a challenge and such great representatives of Simon de Senlis. Well done Team Wiggins!
    Mrs Haigh x

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