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To get to the final we came second losing 1, drawing 0, winning 4 , which put us into the next round.

On November 18th we went to Boothville to attempt to win the cup. Our first match was against Hopping Hill, who we lost to in our last tournament, however we beat them this time, so our bid to win took off to a perfect start. We won all our games until we versed Caroline Chisholm. Unfortunately, we lost 3-1, which took us down to the last game and that meant if we won then we’d  win the tournament. Boothville gave us a tough fight and with one attack left we were winning 2-1. As Boothville did their last attack, they broke us and scored a try. It left our team devastated. As we got given our second place medals, Boothville lifted the trophy in success. Hopefully, at the next competition we can go one step further.

By William S (year 6)