Game Change Leaders

Game Change Leaders

Twelve year six pupils are taking  part in a new transition initiative being run by Abbeyfield School. Yesterday was the first session – Sarah and Aleigha have commented on their experience.

Game Changers is a fun and exciting club. Personally, I (Sarah) found it interesting; most of the games were ice-breakers. There was a lady from Northampton University jotting and watching our session. This was a good opportunity for us to make a bond with other students transferring to Abbeyfield. What we found interesting during the session: the games (the wonder), the talks about how failure is okay for you and getting to know others. We are only on week 1 and we  feel this will help our transition to secondary school. We also learnt that we can make mistakes and learn from them-which was amazing, because everyone makes mistakes all of the time! Overall, we found this an amazing experience and cannot wait for next week.

By Sarah and Aleigha

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