Sports Day – KS2

The sun, sporting  activities and competitive house teams – what more do you need for a perfect Sports Day?  Maybe a few competitive teachers and parents too!

Key stage two have been enjoying learning and practising new skills in PE lessons and today they were able to show them off. Determination was evident throughout and excellent sportsmanship as they cheered on their friends.  We had a fabulous audience of parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents and carers who offered lots of encouragement and joined in the chants of: Bue Knights, Green  Dragons, Red Unicorns and Yellow Wizards. The Dragons were the triumphant victors this year.
Emily (year 6) took a few photos and we have some footage of the male teacher race – who won?

One thought on “Sports Day – KS2”

  1. Sports day was a success, I enjoyed the shuttle run the most because Y6 had it put further back so I enjoyed running back and forth, three times! Seeing the Elite Races was terrific and even though people came last they still won because they got in the Elite Race.

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