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Results reported by Oliver, year 6.

8:8 draw against Delapre

11:10 win against Millway

6:5 win against Hunsbury Park

Unbeaten and through to the next round.; the team will be competeing again on the 14th of April. Well done team – Mr Prosser is very proud.


Annual Cross Country Championships at Abington Park


All wrapped up on a bitter cold March day.

Cross country is a tough sport that requires running strength and endurance. Even though the children were not fully prepared, they all had a positive mindset. They battled hard and were determined to complete it.

The distances that each year group were required to run were substantially lengthened compared to other years – they soon warmed up.  Excellent effort from everyone that took part and some amazing individual and team performances – every year group did great but only the year five boys amounted to a podium finish.

Year 5 boys – team winners

1st Millway

2nd Delapre

3rd Simon de Senlis

Mr Prosser encourages you all to continue because you all have the potential to do it again and even better.









Please Donate Your Active Kids Vouchers

We are collecting the Sainsbury’s Active Kids Vouchers, which will be given out in store, from March 21st until May 3rd, 2016. This is a great initiative and with your donated vouchers we can get a range of equipment:  stopwatches, tennis balls, hurdles and so much more. Please post them into the box located at the school office and we will put them to good use.



SDS Junior Strictly Team – Practice Makes Perfect

The final week of practice and the children are working hard to perfect their moves. Everyone is looking forward to performing at The Deco, on Saturday.

Oliver said, ‘I love dancing, I find it interesting and I like to watch strictly on TV too.’

Saskia said, ‘I enjoy dancing and I like learning all the moves, one day I want to be a professional dancer.’

Cirran has taken part in  previous dance competitions and the advice she has given to the rest of the team is to focus but have fun.

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Last Friday, 10 children from year 4 went to Overstone Scout Centre to experience orienteering.   Natalie, one of the instructors, told us about the activities we would be trying. The first one was team building, this was important because we would need to learn to work as a team ready for the next activity, which was orienteering in the woods.

Using maps, we had to find letters on wooden posts and then work out the two words they spelt out. Some team members left the group and we had to improve our team working skills to sort this out. We did manage to work out the the two words, they were maps and course.

Written by Saskia and Sophie from year 4.

Saskia said, ‘ it was fun and they made it feel like a game even though we were using skills we use in our lessons at school.’

Sophie said, ‘ it was fun because I like getting muddy.’


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