Why Netball?

Netball has been played in schools for many years but its popularity has been increasing both in the UK and globally, including a push to make it an Olympic sport.

For children,  it is one of the best introductions to team sport and a fantastic way to have fun and make friends. It also keeps you fit and healthy by using both upper and lower body muscles and a lot of running about – it is a fast paced game so players have to think quickly and make rapid decisions.

Everyone can enjoy playing netball from the outset as the basic skills and rules are easy to learn and there is little equipment. Players of different ability can play together and all have fun, whether as an introduction to the joys of team sport or the start of a life long passion for netball.

If you are in year 3, 4,5 or 6,  think netball might be the sport for you, want to learn how to develop team strategies,  how to cope in a competitive environment and how to handle success and failure as a team in a gracious and dignified manner, then you need to join Mrs Gribben’s netball club.  It takes place every Monday from 3.15 to 4.15 and remember everyone can enjoy netball – it’s not just for girls!  


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