NTSSF Basketball Shield Finals

Basketball Glory:

Tension swirled through the air, as we all competed for the glimmering, glamorous, glistening silver mini basketball plate. Each point in basketball counts as two points, so if you were wondering how many shots we got you will have to half the number. Every game was eight minutes long, every half was four minutes.

Suspension roamed, our first game… At half time the boys were holding Hunsbury Park off with a draw of 0-0. Then on came the girls with a miraculous basket from Sophie. At the end of our first game, the score was 2-0 to Simon de Senlis.

After the success of our first match we got treated to some divine fudge and mints and everyone devoured their share. With a sugar rush we all became very hyper against our next team, Briah Hill. At half time our team were losing so we had a pep talk to recover our match. A victory was awarded, at last, to Simon de Senlis as we scored a phenomenal 16-2.

Hoping for three wins on the trot, we warmed up ready to fight for the next round. First half was the boys, Will making it 2-0 and after that Theo making it 4-0. Even though we still won, sadly Ecton Brook got one basket and the overall score of this game was 4-2.

With winning three games in a row we were energetic to keep going. This one was against Boothville the previous winners.This was our hardest match of the whole tournament and sadly we lost 8-4. We were so devastated as we had worked so hard for this moment.

Overall we won 3 out of 4 games, received medals and the astonishing plate for winning the NTSSF Basketball Competition. ‘Basketball glory’ is our catchphrase for this amazing win!

Blog written by Katie and Joy – year 6




















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