KS2 Sports Day

The sun, sporting activities and competitive house teams – what more do you need for a perfect sports day?

Key stage two have been enjoying learning and practising new skills in PE lessons and today they were able to show them off. Determination was evident throughout and excellent sportsmanship as they cheered on their friends. We had a fabulous audience of parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents and carers who offered lots of encouragement and joined in the chants of: Bue Knights, Green Dragons, Red Unicorns and Yellow Wizards. The Knights were the triumphant victors this year.
Lauren (year 6) took a few photos.



The team played, at Malcolm Arnold, with a big smile and despite several balls circling the hoop they were unlucky and didn’t score. A great time was had by all though!

Y3/4 Football

Not winners this time but they played their best game ever! Miss Bland was really impressed with the skill and perseverance displayed throughout the game. Good Shepherd won by one point, 4-3. What a nail biting game! Well done to both teams.

News From The Winners

Bringing home the shield.

The team were very excited to share their news and reported that Oliver hit a brilliant volley to score the best goal of the tournament. He also got a hat  trick during the match against Duston. This was  a hard game, which they were  losing  1-0 until Harry and Ollie scored . Everyone felt proud and ready for the final against AVP – they scored in the first few minutes, defended well and William saved a goal . They took the victory and went home with the shield.

Shout out to the captain, David, who listened to his team, kept them focused, praised throughout and gave them valuable feedback.

Well done the green team!



A fantastic win for the Y5/6 team. Miss Bland said, “they played some excellent games and won convincingly.” Quotes from the players to be posted tomorrow.

The amazing green team came home with the shield!

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